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Five Minutes to Know Battery Family

Author:    Views:  765  Date:  06/12/2017

Batteries are common in life, work, and many devices can't work without batteries. Battery is a large family, let’s see. There are different ways of battery classification methods in general and it can be divided into three categories:

The first category: according to the types of electrolyte division include: alkaline battery, battery electrolyte are mainly composed of potassium hydroxide, such as: alkaline zinc manganese battery (commonly known as alkaline manganese battery or alkaline battery), nickel cadmium battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, etc.; Acid battery, mainly by sulfuric acid aqueous solution, such as lead-acid battery; Neutral battery to salt solution, such as zinc manganese dry battery (some consumers also known as acid battery), sea water to activate the battery, etc; Organic electrolyte battery, mainly in organic solution as medium of batteries, such as lithium battery, lithium ion battery.

The second category: according to the nature of work and storage ways include: a battery, also called the original battery, which can’t recharge, such as zinc manganese dry battery, lithium battery, etc.; Secondary battery, can be rechargeable battery, such as the nickel-metal hydride battery, lithium-ion battery, nickel cadmium battery, etc.; Battery refers to the lead-acid battery, and is also a secondary battery; fuel battery, the active material is continuously from the outside to join battery, such as hydrogen fuel battery, etc.; When stock battery, the battery storage is not directly contact with the electrolyte, until use the battery, just join the electrolyte, such as magnesium - silver chloride battery is also called water activation, etc.

The third category: according to the battery’s negative and positive include: zinc series battery, such as zinc manganese battery, zinc silver battery, etc.; Nickel battery series, such as nickel cadmium battery, nickel hydride battery, etc.; Lead battery series, such as lead-acid battery, etc.; lithium battery series, lithium magnesium battery; dioxide manganese battery series, such as zinc manganese battery, alkaline manganese battery, etc.; Air (oxygen) series battery, such as zinc air battery, etc.

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