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Super Fast Recharge Battery with Life 20 Years

Author:    Views:  1796  Date:  09/15/2017

At present, the rechargeable lithium battery, that is, lithium ion batteries are widely used in mobile phones, tablets computers, electric cars and other field. Recently, researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore said that they successfully developed an ultrafast rechargeable battery after three years of experiments. The battery can charge seventy percent in two minutes with service life of 20 years. Relevant papers of new term 1 have been published on Advanced Material.  

Nanyang Technological University made an announcement to the press or media on the same day that the breakthrough will bring all industries broad effects, especially for the electric field which subjected to battery life. Research project director, assistant professor of Nanyang Technological University of Materials Science and Engineering College said Chen, the results can greatly improve convenience of the electric car. Because it can no longer subject to the charging time, just like a traditional vehicle can drive fast after getting into a gas station. Charging it only takes a few minutes. Chen hopes that this product can enter the market in two years later.

According to introduction, the traditional lithium-ion batteries use graphite electrode and the battery use a new kind of gel material titanium dioxide to substitute them. Titanium dioxide commonly is known as titanium dioxide, has rich content in soil and the material is cheap and safe. The tiny nanotubes used in the study were made up of titanium dioxide, can quicken the chemical reactions in the battery to make the battery recharged quickly.

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