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What You Think Good May Not Be Good Habits—Cell Phone Usage

Author:    Views:  2606  Date:  09/15/2017

Smart phones, tablet devices and some other portable electronic equipment become indispensible personal effects in modern times. Most people are cautious about using phones and adopt the good experience of mankind and good habits, gradually building their own habits. We regard some habits as right, but are the facts right? Actually, many common senses are not absolutely correct, and some even make no sense because lacking of scientific evidence. Let’s see the real facts of the good habits.

Good habit 1:The new phone can charge till the battery used up

The truth: Overcharge and over discharge can cause great damage to the lithium battery

It is believed that when buying mobile phones, phone salesmen will often told us the battery have to used out thoroughly at first time, and then should charge 12 hours continuously and repeat three times, only that can activate the battery capacity. Surely you did that, in fact this is a misunderstanding. Sichuan Changhong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. lithium battery division Yue Gong told everyone, “Currently mobile phones are almost all lithium batteries; actually they are the lithium ion battery. Batteries have a memory function only on the condition that running out of batteries and charging them for several times. This argument has been preserved from nickel battery. The charging and discharging characteristics of lithium battery make a great difference with and nickel battery’s, while overcharge and over discharge of lithium battery, especially liquid lithium ion battery would cause enormous damage.”

Good habit 2: New phone must be pasted films

The truth: Film affects effectiveness, hand feeling and vision

Is it really necessary to paste phone screen? The question has been discussing without proper decision, but it is wrong that the screen is fragile.

Yue Gong said, because the mobile phone screen use toughened glass, in theory, the harder objects can cause scratches than the week ones. However, human nails and cutting tools, keys and some other daily items will not affect the screen at all. As a matter of fact, film would affect the cell phone screen’s display effect, and hand feel. High-end sticker will affect phone’s brightness and color transfer, to a certain extent, and will also have an effect on eyesight.

See the above two ways, do you count in? If you did so, change it right away.

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