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One Minute to Complete Rechargeable Battery is Forthcoming

Author:    Views:  1302  Date:  06/30/2017

    On April 17, 2015, the high performance rechargeable aluminum battery developed by a Chinese research group of Stanford University. They reported in Nature magazine published online research that the high performance rechargeable aluminum battery can be a safe substitute of conventional battery by low cost, high capacity, folding, non-flammable, long life, more environmental protection. The most attractive thing is that only one minute needed, and that the battery can finish charging. It is understood that aluminum ion battery researched and developed by scientists has perfect properties, which can’t be compared with some other battery products with explosion hazard, and charging times can be up to 7500 times, only 1 minute to fill. In the experiment, the aluminum battery’s electric capacity gets no damage even being through more than 7500 times charge and discharge cycles.
    Other research institutions, aluminum battery can’t reuse after 100 cycles, by contrast, lithium battery can only stand about 1000 cycles. On account of aluminum and graphite are flexible materials, which can make the aluminum battery folding, bending without affecting its performance, and they are cheaper than lithium battery.
    The forthcoming of rechargeable battery is likely to overturn the pattern that the lithium ion battery monopolizes mobile phone battery market.

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