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Changhong NewEnergy Awarded “Going Out Excellent Enterprises” Certificate

Author:    Views:  1073  Date:  06/08/2016

On March 25, 2016 Recently, Mianyang people's government intensively praised 2015 year the city's industrial and “Two New” industry, Advanced Group & Outstanding Enterprise, Changhong NewEnergy Co., Ltd. and another four enterprises were awarded the 2015 “Going Out Excellent Enterprise” Certificate.

Currently, Changhong NewEnergy Co., Ltd. is the top 3 battery enterprise in China, and they are planning to log in the Three Board. In 2015, the company came to a new peak in all kinds of operating indexes. When company’s business scale maintains steady growth, the overall business continued to strengthen, and the industry status and influence also got further improvement. Series of products were exported to Europe and America, exports increased year after year, foreign customers came together and have gradually formed a group of international top quality customers. The company became one of excellent enterprises in Mianyang because of its outstanding performance, and the government ceremoniously awarded the company.

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