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Have You Ever Heard of 9V Alkaline Battery?

Author:    Views:  1097  Date:  06/08/2016

On March 29, 2016 have you ever used battery in home application, friend? Your answer is certainly “yes”. It is obvious that AA battery and AAA battery are commonly used in family, while we are hardly heard of 9V alkaline battery. Sichuan Changhong NewEnergy Co., Ltd. launches eye-opening 9V alkaline battery according to market demand. Let’s see together what 9V alkaline battery is.

9V alkaline battery is LR8D425 model, and commonly known as AAAA battery. Its voltage is 1.5V in the size of 7.9 mm x 40.0 mm. The battery itself can be used as the battery cell of square 9V battery. It is a bit shorter, thinner, smaller volume than AAA battery, and mainly used for laser pointer, electronic toys, Bluetooth headset, remote control, computer line instrument, car alarm and some other electronic products.
    So far there are several corporations who are producing 9V alkaline battery in the world. Changhong New Energy owns the most advanced 9V alkaline battery production lines, and the company has produced a mass of 9V battery for more than one year. Changhong Battery has stable product quality, environmental protection, durability, and appreciated by consumers. If you are interested, please come and order.

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