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Changhong Battery Manufacturer - Offering Long-Lasting and Wide Range of Batteri

Author:    Views:  3325  Date:  07/31/2017

    Summary: Who might have thought that batteries would be the lifesaver one day? Top battery manufacturer of China, Sichuan Changhong NewEnergy Technology Co., Ltd., has therefore, come up with stunning varieties of batteries to power up the smallest to the biggest of automation. 

    China, August 04, 2016: Today, if there is any invention that is one of the lifelines of every country across the world, then it has to be power. Power generation is indeed a genuine area that has reached great heights. Batteries help in offering additional power to various items from mere toys to vehicles and even machineries. The fact that the batteries with full charge shall be an asset has also shown that batteries are a great invention of humanity. 

    Understanding this demand, Sichuan Changhong NewEnergy Technology Co., Ltd. has come up with a large assortment of batteries. As a premium alkaline battery manufacturer, the company offers some of the most updated batteries for the Gen-Y. 

    Things to look forward to:

    It is a fact that though many people might rely on plugged devices, many others on the move might prefer to have batteries. This Lithium battery manufacturer of China is already making waves, thanks to the innovative technology that goes behind the making of these batteries.

    The valuable ‘SGS’ Certification gives the batteries that come out of the production unit, the assurance of being superior. The components used in the manufacturing of these batteries make them of very good quality too. 

    These are green batteries, which mean they are free of mercury, lead and cadmium. Thus, they are perfectly safe to dispose after use as well as storing them with other household things. They cause no harm to the humans or even the environment in any way.

    This China battery manufacturer is holding the first position of Sichuan Industrial Enterprises and sixth position in the Top 100 Electronic Company List of China. If this is a parameter for judging a company, then it has gone way beyond that too. This fifty-year-old, premium battery manufacturer OEM, makes sure that the most innovative hard anti-corrosion steel body of the battery lasts long. The company manufactures batteries as well as portable power sources for the jet-setting population.

    About the company:

    Sichuan Changhong NewEnergy Technology Co., Ltd. is an advanced battery and solar product manufacturing firm belonging as a subsidiary to Sichuan Changhong Group, and possesses a stunning annual production capacity of over 800 million pieces of batteries. To know more details about the company’s products, please visit http://www.batterymanufacturer.net/.

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