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Title: “ChangChong NewEnergy Co. Ltd.” Takes A Leap As The Battery Manufacturer

Author:    Views:  2652  Date:  08/02/2017

    Summary: Making a strategic move in their business plans, the expert china battery manufacturer “ChangChong NewEnergy” has presented their new and improved official business website. This step has been taken in order to assist people in reaching out to their energy solutions easily. 

     ChangChong NewEnergy Ltd. has been taking giant leaps in the battery manufacturing industry. With a wide range of power and energy solution products already showcased by the company, it has constantly presented itself as an expert battery manufacturer in the industry. Making another move in their business strategy, the company has introduced its new and improved business website in order to make their products easily available for all to access and use. 

     Informing about their website, the company officials said that this step is taken on a positive note, considering the wide customer base using internet for finding the best products and services for them. They said, “We are among the top three battery enterprises in China. We have our customer base in America and Europe. With this website, we want to get a step closer to our national as well as global customers and provide our power and energy solutions to all with much ease and comfort.”

     Notably, the company recently has received the “2015 Going Out Excellent Enterprise” certificate. Maintaining their professional approach and quality services through their website, the company has made their site easy to access and navigate. The website provides easy access to the wide range of batteries that they provide and which made them an expert alkaline and lithium battery manufacturer and battery manufacturer OEM. These products include their new lithium batteries, coin sells, chargers, super heavy duty batteries and much more. 

     The company officials mentioned that with each passing day, the company is making efforts to make sure that it sustains the name that it has earned so far and exceeds on quality and services front. With this website, they have made access to their products much easier for their global client base as well. With the demand for their products getting up day by day, a global online presence would definitely give a boost to their efforts of providing quality products to all. 

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