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Top Quality Battery Solutions From Leading Chinese Manufacturer

Author:    Views:  1688  Date:  08/01/2017

    August 11, 2016 — Changhong NewEnergy Technology, a premier China-based battery manufacturer and the largest in Midwest China, proudly announces availability of its industry leading, eco-friendly battery products and energy technologies to customers worldwide.  The company’s high quality batteries are used in industrial, commercial, military, home and other applications in more than eighty countries around the globe.   

    Known for its high quality products and exceptional customer satisfaction, Changhong NewEngery Technology’s leading R&D center designs, and its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces, a wide variety of high performance batteries including alkaline, lithium, mercury-free dry, Ni-MH rechargeable, button, and green LR6/AA batteries. 

    A highly experienced alkaline battery manufacturer since 1999, the innovative company’s alkaline batteries are completely mercury, cadmium and lead-free.  They have a long shelf life of up to ten years, are not harmful to people, and can be disposed of in normal household garbage when spent. 

    Changhong NewEnergy Technology is also a top quality lithium battery manufacturer, producing a wide range of lithium batteries in various sizes for different industries and applications.  It is also a sought after battery manufacturer OEM by companies around the world who want to private label battery solutions for their markets.

    With a discharging performance 30% higher than the industry standard, Changhong’s batteries offer high quality products that consistently meet or exceed its customers’ power requirements.  Achieving ISO9001 Quality Management System certification in 2000, ISO4001 Environment Management System certification in 2002, and ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety certification, customers are assured of only the highest quality and most reliable battery products on the market today.  

    To learn more about Changhong NewEnergy Technology, or to browse its offering of high tech battery and energy solutions, please visit the company’s website at http://www.batterymanufacturer.net

About Changhong NewEnergy Technology
    Changhong NewEnergy Technology is a highly respected Chinese battery manufacturer and energy product designer.  The company has extensive R&D, manufacturing, marketing and worldwide sales organizations that deliver to quality battery solutions to customers around the globe.  It also serves as Vice Director of General in the China Battery Industry Association.

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